Henry Kellar & daughter Ann Marie

Ann Marie Kellar

Jacob Penner @ the display

Greg Powell's ride

Ann Marie

Several of the SWSC Racers at the display

A future Jr. Dragster driver?

Roswell Display

Julian Moody's ride

Roswell Display, Greg Powell's car

Ray Stringer's ride

Don David's wild blown altered

Eddie Tidwell's ride

Greg Powell & Daughter

Gary Hill's ride out of T or C

Ray Stringer

Drivers meeting in Roswell

Drivers meeting in Roswell

Julian Moody's car

Mike McCoy from Colorado

Mike McCoy's crew

Eddie Tidwell's ride w/ crew

Julian Moody ready for battle

Gary Hill & driver Alex Clements ready for battle

Alex Clements and Gary Hill

Mike Jones and the awesome Voodo Child altered

Jacob Penner

Mike Aton and driver Richard Letourneau

Sue Stringer and crew George Evans

Ann Marie getting ready for battle

Jacob Penner

Mike Jones

Heads up action!

Alex Clements and Mike McCoy

Donnie Powell and Sue Stringer taking care of the paper work

Mike Atons crew between rnd thrash

On the back of Mike Atons funny car

Mike Atons crew and driver Richard Letourneau thrash

Richard Letourneau

Donnie and Sue

Greg Powell, back to back event winner

Stringer Family Racing between rnds

Ray Stringer and Family

Ray & Christian

Stringer Family Racing

Julian Moody and crew between rnds


Mike McCoy and team

Greg Powell and crew, winners in Roswell 06!!