Mike McCoy from Pueblo

Jacob Penner from Seminole, Tx.

Greg Powell from Hobbs, NM

Greg Powell preping the current points leading car.

Mike Jones from Lubbock, Tx.

Gary Hill from TorC, NM

Crew for Greg Powell

Julian Moody from El Paso, Tx

From L to R Floyd Stringer, Gary Hill and Donnie Powell

Sue Stringer from Alamogordo, NM.

Julian Moody

Floyd Stringer getting Sue's car ready.

Gary Hill doing a couple of burnouts in Sue's car

Ken Davis in the "Smokey Bear" from Albquerque, NM made a guest appearance.

Ken Davis

Warming up Smokey Bear

Willy towing out in Greg Powell's car

Julian Moody and crew

In the center, SWSC organizer, Jerry Norman

Mike McCoy towing out for qualifying

Jacob Penner and Ken Davis discuss stratigies.

Mike McCoy helped to make this event possible, thanks Mike!

Greg Powell and Jacob Penner.

Darkening skies.........

Ken Davis and Mike Jones in the Voodo Child alterd

.......... and the rains came..... big time!

Glad to hear everyone was ok.......

Mike Jones and friends.....

Mopar?...... hhmmm

SWSC group waiting out the storm and the flooded road....

...... this is why it took so long to leave the facility...

the water was 60ft across at one time.