Jack Bartlett

Jack broke Friday night during testing. Hope to see you back out real soon Jack.

Fans of the SWSC

Normans and the Fat Boys Racing Team

This was one wild ride, and a BEAUTIFUL Car!

Mike Jones wild Voodoo Child paint job

CanTanKerous, blown s.b.c. with some funny smelling fuel?

Wait, thats NITRO!!

Gotta love those windmills

Gary Coufal

The Boss.. Jerry Norman

Greg Powell's ride. Awesome!

Mr and Mrs. McCoy from Pueblo, Co. They never miss a show, no matter how far it is. Thanks guys!

I don't have their name. Sure was a beautiful car. They said they would send some info on them and the car. Please do so soon!

Jacob Penner from Seminole, Tx. Awesome car!!

Gary Coufal

Yep, thats my youngest son and I. We finally made it out. Great track. Would like to go back.

My Mom, Sue Stringer

Finaly won one!

Hope you guys can get her fixed and rejoin us soon!

Check out that injector

The Champ!

Julian Moody from El Paso, Tx

Everyone getting ready for first qualifying

What do you want to be doing when you are in your 70's?

Bill Norman suiting up with Arley's supervision.

Arley using the shoe spoon to get Bill buckled in and ready for a safe ride!

Jacob Penner.

Man this thing just shines doesn't it?

Paul Harris and team with their game face on!

Hooptie looks TOUGH!

Mke Jones does the best burnouts!

My youngest thinks he's ready to take over dads seat.

Bill Norman and Sue Stringer in the first "winner circle" pics we've had in a long time!!!

Eric Kessinger, Sue and Floyd Stringer, your winners in Denton,Tx.