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Christian warming up DAD'S car.

Ray's Boss showed up...

how does he spend his weekends?

Buck Woolen and Buck Woolen Jr.

Gary Hill and Sue Stringer

Gary Hill, good thing he has his pilots license.

Sue Stringer

All the action in the turn off area.

Ray Stringer and John Harper

Ray Stringer with the 'chute out.

Brittny Blakely and Doug Meshirer

Brittny gets some air going through the lights.

Doug having "steering issues"

The Woolens

Team Stringer

Albert Sanchez and Tim & John Brown

Julian Moody and Charlotte Schmidt

Julian Moody with the 'chute out!

David Chesnutt and Lyle Byrum

David gets air borne coming through the lights

Ann Marie after her very first V8 pass.

Buck Sr & Buck Jr.

Gary Hill in the Burnout