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Featured Racer



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Team GPR

New look for the Norman Bros.

Wild Willie

Did not run with us but should...

Jerry and Bill Norman's new look.

SWSC Drivers Meeting

Buck Woolen, Alamogordo NM

Buck Woolen Jr., Alamogordo NM

Andy Mears Lubbock Texas

Twins... Henry Kellar on the left

John Garcia Las Vegas New Mexico

Hope to see you again SOON

Doug Shaunda Mershirer, Midland Texas

Greg Powell Hobbs NM

Jason Kiscadon Alamogordo NM

Jacob "Pistachio" Penner Seminole Texas

Sue Stringer Alamogordo NM

1st rnd of Qualifying

1st rnd of Qualifying John Garcia

Q1 Don David

Q1, Andy Mears

Q1 Bill Norman

Look at those clouds....

The Mears center stage.

The Woolen's pits

Hidden Note..

Jason and Patricia Kiscadon

The Garcia group

Don David's team? New England Patriot?

Don David's race team

Sue Stringer assisted by Bill Bennett of Alamogordo

Doug Mershirer

Buck Woolen, Q1

Q1 Ray Stringer. Alamogordo NM

Greg Powell Rnd 1

Julian Moody El Paso Tx

1st rnd red light by Moody

1st Rnd win by Ray Stringer

1st rnd Sue Stringer & John Garcia

Jason Kiscadon

Sue, Jerry Norman and Floyd

The Poco Loco Racing Team, John Garcia

The Kiscadon Racing Team, Randy and Jason Kiscadon

2nd rnd

The voice of the SWSC, Floyd Stringer

2nd rnd, Greg Powell and Don David

Greg Powell and "Company" Winner

Greg Powell winner

Greg Powell

Ray Stringer, Stringer Family Racing. Runner Up

Floyd, Sue and Ray Stringer