Jerry and Donnie, the force behind SWSC

The "Champs" table

SWSC Champ Julian Moody and Family

D.J. and Ann Marie

Gary and Barbra Hill

The Mears and the Jones

Karl & Linda Mathes on the left and Jack and Amy Chapman

Powell Racing!

Norman Bros. Racing

Don and Lisa David with friends and family

Time to Eat!

Mike and Wendy Jones, "Voodo Child"

Ready to hand out the hardware, and the Money!!!!

The Hardware evryone is after

Floyd Stringer, the voice of SWSC. Appreciation award

Floyd and Sue Stringer, Appreciation award for Dedicated Service

Sue Stringer, Appreciation Award

A thank you to Deddie for all her work at the race track!!

L.H. and Francis Newlin, the Heart Award. And well deserved!

Jacob Penner, #2 in points

Francis and L.H. also got the Hard Luck Award

Chris Stouffer's and Carl Meador's team got the "Best Appearing Crew Award"

Jacob and Benny getting the "Team of the Year" award

Our featured racer, Jack and Amy Chapman with thier crew got "Rookie of the Year"!

Jack Chapman with Jerry Norman

Look out, Jack is coming in '08'

Greg Powell

D.J. did well at the banquet with these door prizes!

Donnie Powell awarded for his hard work and Dedication to the SWSC!

Mike & Wendy Jones, "Voodo Child" #5 in points in'07'

Floyd & Sue Stringer, #4 in points in '07'

Bill Norman, Norman Bros. and the "Fat Boys Racing" #3 in points in '07'

Jacob Penner, "Just For Kicks" and Benny #2 in points in '07'

"The Team", Henry Kellar-crew chief and behind him the Champ, Julian Moody

Julian Moody, "The Pipeliner" #1 in points in '07', Henry "The Wizard" Keller, #1 in points in '07' and "Crew Chief of the Year"!

Henry "The Wizard" Keller

D.J., crewman for Julain Moody

Henry and D.J., great picture!

Working out the details! Jerry Norman, manager of the SWSC on the left and Floyd Stringer, M.C. at the banquet.

Jack Bartlette, "Black Viper Racing" on the left and Glenn Powell

Mr. & Mrs. Mears, "Banzai!" Racing